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Talking to My Teen Daughter

I remember the conversations that I had with my teen daughter. Some of them were so easy and fun and others were much more difficult. Some of our best conversations seemed to happen when we shared photos of ourselves at similar ages. Look Amanda- I would say-here I am at the beach at age 15 and we both laughed. I think that we both couldn't believe that I was ever fifteen. And,then we would start comparing how different fashion was then compared to the contemporary fashion of my daughter and her peers. Then I might show a photo of a teen boy that I had a crush on and we'd laugh some more. I guess the idea of her mom being a teenager and having a crush on a boy was such an incongruous concept. Let me tell you though we still love comparing photos. Consider whether or not this might be something for you and your teen to do!

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I discuss these kind of things with my younger boys and they cannot grasp the idea of me being a child - I am like a dinosaur to them They laugh at my stories but I will continue to share them as they love them really.

August 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi

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